Optimole Review: Best Image Optimization Plugin for WordPress

by Kelsey Clubb — Updated: August 8, 2019
Optimole Review Best Image Optimization Plugin for WordPress

One of the most important things you can do to improve your site speed is to learn how to optimize images on your website.

Knowing how to optimize images for WordPress can greatly decrease the time it takes for your website to load.

And having a fast-loading website is one of the ways you can improve your Google Search ranking.

In this Optimole review, I’ll cover why Optimole is the best image optimization plugin for WordPress and why you should use it on your website.

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What is Optimole?

Optimole Logo

Optimole is a relatively new WordPress plugin that automatically optimizes the images on your website.

It currently has over 30,000 active installs with a 4.8 out of 5 star rating.

Why do you need Optimole?

Images that aren’t optimized can make a website load really slow. And a slow-loading website will get less traffic and rank lower in Google Search.

So, image optimization is a must and Optimole is currently the best image optimizer for WordPress.

Plans and Pricing

Optimole currently has four plans that should meet the needs of any website:

(Note: Scroll the table horizontally or rotate your phone to landscape mode to see all four columns.)

Monthly Price (Paid Monthly)$0$9$29varies
Monthly Price (Paid Yearly)$0$7.42$24.92varies
Monthly Image Upload Bandwidth1 GB10 GB50 GB> 750 GB
Monthly Image Viewing Bandwidth5 GB50 GB300 GBUnlimited
Content Delivery Network (CDN) ProviderAmazon CloudfrontAmazon CloudfrontAmazon CloudfrontAmazon Cloudfront
CDN Locations7 global cities69 global cities69 global cities69 global cities
Custom Domain for CDNred xred xgreen check markgreen check mark
Priority Supportred xred xred xgreen check mark

Free Plan

The free plan should meet the needs of any new website on a budget.

One possible limitation, however, is that the CDN with the free plan only has 7 edge locations. According to the developer, these locations are: New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore, Bangalore, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.

Personal Plan

The personal plan is necessary if you need to upload more than 1 GB worth of images in a month or get enough traffic to need more than 5 GB of monthly image viewing bandwidth.

It’s also highly recommended if you have the budget and you are blogging with a goal of making money from a global audience, as you’ll get access to a larger number of global CDN locations than with the free plan.

Business Plan

The business plan is necessary if you need to upload more than 10 GB worth of images in a month or get enough traffic to need more than 50 GB of monthly image viewing bandwidth.

You’ll also get access to live chat support and the ability to use your own custom domain name for the CDN-served images, rather than an Optimole subdomain.

Or, you can contact support, and they can help you integrate your default CDN (instead of using Optimole’s CDN).

Custom Plan

The custom plan is for you if you need to be able to upload more than 50 GB worth of images per month or you need more than 300 GB of viewing bandwidth per month.

You’ll also get priority support and the same CDN options as the Business Plan.

Pricing will vary depending on your needs, so be sure to contact Optimole if this is the plan that best fits your website.

Why I Use and Recommend Optimole

πŸ–₯ Retina Images

The main reason I use Optimole to optimize the images on all five of my websites is because of how easily it handles retina images.

Retina images have twice the pixel density of non-retina images and they are important because most devices made in the last five years have retina screens.

With Optimole, I only have to upload one image that is twice as large in width and height, and Optimole can automatically handle when to serve the retina image or when to create and serve the smaller non-retina image.

Most other reasonably priced image optimization plugins (such as ShortPixel) require a separate plugin to handle retina images (plus, you’ll have to upload two separate images for each image you want to use).

πŸ“· WebP Images

WebP (.webp) images are even smaller in size than PNG (.png) and JPEG (.jpg) images without any visible quality loss. So, using WebP images make my site load faster.

Optimole can automatically create WebP versions of my images and automatically serve the WebP versions of my images to supported browsers.

πŸ‘ Multiple Websites on One Plan

Unlike some services that require you to pay per website or domain, Optimole lets you use a single plan on an unlimited number of domains.

This means I have one API key that I can use on all of my websites and I can share the image upload and viewing bandwidth across all of my sites.

If you have multiple, lower traffic websites, this could save you a lot of money if you want to take advantage of the larger global CDN on the Personal Plan.

Things I Don't Like About Optimole

πŸ‘Ž I Can't Use My Own CDN Provider on the Personal Plan

Although Amazon Cloudfront is one of the faster CDN providers, it doesn’t have the best global coverage. For example, it doesn’t currently have any edge locations in Western Canada or New Zealand.

I want to use my default CDN that is faster, has better global coverage, and wouldn’t require an extra DNS request, but Optimole only allows this option for the Business or Custom plans (which are out of my budget as a solopreneuer).

Optimole Review Summary

Best WordPress Image Optimizer

Optimole Logo

Optimole is the best image optimization plugin for WordPress.

The free plan will meet the needs of any brand new website on a budget.

If you’re serious about ranking high in Google Search and you want to make money with your blog with a global audience, I highly recommend paying for one month of the Personal Plan to get access to the larger global CDN.

Test your site speed from different global locations with and without the plugin. If your site loads faster, determine if the the cost is worth it to you, if not, cancel recurring payments and you’re only out $9.


  • Automatically serves Retina images
  • Automatically creates and serves WebP images
  • Can use one account with multiple domains (via one API key)
  • Automatically downgrades image quality for slow internet speeds
  • Can't integrate your own default CDN on lowest price paid plan
  • Limited bandwidth for image uploads and image viewing